Alex Dellaria 

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Alex Dellaria is the only authorized instructor of Wudang martial arts in South Carolina and Maui Hawaii under Master Zhou Xuan Yun (15th generation lineage of Wudang Zhang San Feng pai).


I started practicing Kung Fu in 1999. But it was when I first saw Master Zhou performing Xuan Wu Quan (Mysterious Fist Form) in 2009 that the internal martial arts became my preferred path for training. The phylosophical and spiritual side to these arts challenged me in ways I never even knew about before. I was exposed to things that were far beyond just physical and at the same time my passion for physicality and movement was well met too.


My mission is to share these arts in a way in which is comprehensible to people of modern society. As I've proven to myself, one does not need to become a monk in seclusion to gain incredible benefits from these practices. My goal in teaching is to help students get to a place where they are able to make these arts their own so that in the future they will not have to solely rely on going to a class to know how to practice and can practice wherever and whenever they choose. I see the best way in trying to understand the underlying nature of all things is to start by understanding oneself as we are all individually our own universe. These arts are well designed, time tested tools for this process. So in teaching I will impart much more than just fighting skill. The principles of wudang arts are not just for martial arts, they are applicable to all areas of life as dictated by nature and Dao.    

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