Daist Gate SC Wudang Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu

Wudang Kung Fu

Power comes from the ground through the legs and directed by the waist allowing any section of the body to expel force. When this is combined with internal structure it can manifest all the power a body has to offer. Footwork coordinates with this whole body movement for added agility. The body stays relaxed so response and explosive power is unhindered. Stances are often low to add more leverage. Wudang Gong Fu forms place emphasis on dynamic changes because the workout is embedded in the forms and ultimately will allow one to feel right at home where most would need to strain. Being an internal style it uses some of the same principles as Taiji Quan (see Taiji page) but in a faster more rigorous way while still coming from a relaxed/soft state. Yin and Yang are always to be considered.




A body that is not needing remedy and a mind that is open to the challenge of expanding physical and mental limits. Gong Fu actually translates to skill derived from time+work. So this is all that is required from the student. Only from dedication will a practitioner develop natural martial prowess. 



Wudang Gong Fu Forms


Due to a not so stable Chinese history many of these forms have been lost to the mists of time. The ones that remain are without a doubt treasures.



Ji Ben Quan                        Primary Fist Form


Fuhu Quan                     Tiger Taming Form


Long Hua Quan              Dragon Form


Xuan Wu Quan               Mysterious Fist Form


Xing Yi Quan                  Form Intention Fist


Ba Xian Gun                   Eight Immortal Staff


Taiyi Xuan Men Jian       Taiyi Daoist Sword




These are the Gong Fu and Weapon forms taught by DaoistGateSC



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